What is Spotify and how does it work? || Spotify is a very popular audio streaming service that was launched in Europe in 2008. And after that it spread to many countries such as United States, Canada, and Australia.

What is Spotify and how does it work?

Spotify is known for its music streaming service from which different types of music can be listened to and downloaded. Apart from streaming music, Spotify also has another feature – listening to podcasts. Spotify’s playlist is huge. And there are many types of songs from all over the world and songs of many languages ​​​​of which you can make a playlist and only keep your favorite song in it.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a great platform for those who like to listen to music. With the help of this, you can listen to songs in many languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc. It has been launched in India only a few days ago and we can use it in two ways- First Free Service and Second Paid Service, we get many features in both of these. in this article we know about What is Spotify and how does it work?

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Spotify is a completely legal way to stream music and listen to podcasts online. The company first buys the licenses of the music track from the famous record labels and adds it to its music library. And gives some money to those who have the rights to that music – meaning the number of times a user listens to that music, according to that the owner of the music will get money. Listening to music on Spotify is completely free, but all regular users are shown Banner Ads and sometimes audio ads are also shown in the middle of the music.

Those who want to remove Ads forever can pay money for Spotify Premium. After taking Spotify Paid Membership, all the ads are removed and the songs can also be downloaded so that they can be listened offline later. In this article we know about What is Spotify and how does it work?

Spotify Free vs. Spotify Premium

People who enjoy streaming music online and who do not mind seeing ads in Spotify apps or seeing audio ads in the middle of music, then they can easily use Spotify Free Version.

But there is some advantage of Spotify Premium which you will not get in Spotify Free.

  • 1. Improved audio quality: Songs play at 160kbit/s in Free Version but Songs in Premium Version at higher quality of 320kbit/s.
  • 2. No ads: Audio Ads and Banner Ads are completely removed in Spotify Premium Version.
  • 3. Offline listening: In Spotify Free users will only be able to stream music online, but in Spotify Premium users will also be able to listen offline by downloading songs.
  • 4. Hulu (ad-supported) plan: Hulu (ad-supported) subscription is given to every Spotify Premium user.
  • 5. Showtime subscription: Users who sign up for Spotify Premium for Students plan get all the facilities mentioned above along with Showtime cable channel and streaming apps.

One month of Spotify Premium is $9.99 but one month for Spotify Premium for Students option is only $4.99.

They also have Spotify Premium for Family payment option which costs $14.99 per month. In this subscription, 5 people living on the same address get full access to Spotify Premium with all the features.

How to Create Spotify Account?

To use the Spotify streaming service, you need to create a Spotify account. To create an account, click on this link- Account creation page on the Spotify website. Or you can also create your account by opening Spotify App in your device and tapping on Sign Up Free.

How to Create Spotify account

To create a Spotify account, you have to enter valid email address, account password, username, birthday and gender. This whole process will take around 1 minute to complete.

If you have a Facebook account, then you can also create your Spotify account using your Facebook account. By logging in with Facebook Account, you will end up having to remember the password of Spotify Account. When you use the Windows 10 Spotify App, some social features will also be added to it.

How to listen to songs in Spotify Music?

You can listen to Spotify Songs in any browser on your computer or smartphone. Or you can download the official Spotify Music app for an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, Windows 10 device, Mac OS computer, or Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console.

Spotify Music is supported in Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chrome Cast as well as Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Denon, Bose, and Chrome cast Audio Smart Speakers. Spotify Music streaming connectivity is also available in some car models.

How to find your friends in Spotify?

In Spotify Music apps, you can follow other users and know what kind of songs they like to listen to. If you use the Windows 10 Spotify Music app, on the right side of the app you’ll see a Live Feed of what music all your friends are listening to in real time, making the music listening experience even more social.

Tip: If you’ve connected your Facebook account to Spotify, and your friends have also connected their Facebook and Spotify accounts, you’re already connected to them and you won’t need to follow them.

Find your friends on Spotify like this:

  • 1. Tap on Search from the menu below.
  • 2. Now tap on the Search Bar and type the name of the friend you are looking for.
  • Note: If you can’t find your friend, then find out from them what name they are using on Spotify. Maybe he is using a nickname.
  • 3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on See all profiles.
  • 4. Now scroll through the full list of Search Results and tap on your friend’s name.
  • 5. After visiting your friend’s profile, tap on Follow to follow them.

How to Download Songs from Spotify?

Spotify users who buy the Spotify Premium service have the option to download the songs and later listen to those songs offline. But the facility to download any one song is not given here. Songs can be downloaded as Album or Playlist.

To download the Album or Playlist in Spotify, open that song and tap on the Download switch. Now the complete Album or Playlist will be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.If you only want to download a single track, you’ll need to create a new playlist containing only one song.

  • 1. Open the song you want to download and tap on the ellipsis from the top-right corner.
  • 2. Tap on Add to Playlist.
  • 3. Tap on New Playlist.
  • 4. Enter the name of your new playlist and tap on Create.
  • 5. Now tap on Your Library from the Bottom Menu.
  • 6. Now tap on Playlists.
  • 7. Tap on the name of the new playlist you have created.
  • 8. Tap on the Switch appearing next to Download.

📲 What is Spotify and how does it work? Play Store App :- Download           📲 iPhone(Apple) Store App :- Download

Conclusion: Nowadays most of the people like to listen songs during party, travel, festival etc. Surveys have shown that listening to one’s favorite songs gives a person relief from stress. Today most of the people keep a playlist of their favorite songs in their phone. So that you get to hear more and more songs, we made you aware of the information of What is Spotify and how does it work? With this app or website, you can listen to songs from all over the world in one place. What do you expect from Spotify? And you must have understood everything very well about how to use Spotify in India.


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