In today’s article we are going to learn about Top 15+ Best English Sikhne Ka App and English bolna kese sikhe! Which is the best mobile app for English speaking in 2022! So now you can learn to speak English easily and absolutely free from the comfort of your home!

English is a famous language which is spoken in almost every corner of the world and at the same time English is considered a professional language!

Although English is also only one language like Hindi language, but right people are very afraid to talk in English language!

English language has a huge impact in today’s professional life! If you want to do job in a Multi National Company, then how should you talk in English? Must come!

Similarly, it is also necessary to have knowledge of English language to get higher education.

Learn to speak English often or learn to speak English in 30 days? Very expensive expensive courses are run in the name of

But if you use easy Top 15+ Best English Sikhne Ka App sitting at home for free, then you can learn to speak English very quickly!

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How to talk people in internet in English bolna kese sikhe or in English? Keep on searching! If you also want to learn to talk in English, then today we are going to tell you about 15+ Best English Learning Apps in this Hindi article!

In this modern world of Internet and Google, you can become a better English Speaker with the help of Best English Sikhne Ka App in your Android mobile itself! And you can develop your English Speaking Skills in no time!

English Learning Apps – Nowadays everyone uses mostly Android mobiles, so you have to use it to learn something!

In the Google Play Store of your mobile, you will find many free English learning apps that will help you learn English!

With the help of mobile app, you can teach English to children too! And you will not need to go to any English class, you can learn good English with a few days of practice sitting at home!

English Learning Apps – Know further how you can make your English speaking strong by using them! And you can learn to speak in English quickly!

1. Hello English App

Hello English App is an English Learning Application and it is a Worldwide Mobile App!

In this you can learn more than 21 languages! It’s the TOP English Learning Platform! In this you have to complete the lesson!

Hello English App is the No. 1 Educational App! And it’s a free app too! If you also want to learn English! So use this app! In this you can easily learn English!

Features of English Hello English App

In Hello English app, you can learn English through different ways! It has many features! like-

  • In this you are given more than 400 lessons! In which you have to learn to talk in English, Grammar Topics and Vocabulary.
  • This is an English Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Application.
  • You can make your Vocabulary good in Hello English app.
  • You can improve your pronunciation by reading more than 10,000 English words in Hello English App.
  • You can learn English by watching News and Videos in it.
  • English Speaking Skills can be improved with the help of English Conversation.
  • In this, you can win coins by playing games and quizzes and learn English along with the game.

2. Duolingo (English Sikhne Wala App)

Dulingo is a Multi Language learning App! Using it daily, you can improve your English very quickly!

  • To use the Duolingo Mobile App, download it from the Google Play Store! After downloading you create your profile in this app!
  • You can start learning English with English Sentences & Phrases!
  • In this, English pronunciation and Words vocabulary can be improved by daily practice! Along with this, you can check your daily progress to learn English through games!
  • You can learn your English by playing various types of games, which is a very interesting way to learn English.

3. Improve English (English bolna kese sikhe in Hindi)

The Improve English mobile app is very easy to use! In this some courses are given which have to be completed.

  • Tips to learn English Vocabulary, Grammar, Verbs Phrases, and more are found in the Improve English App! If you also like to speak English then this is a best platform.
  • You can also practice English by playing games in it! From which you can learn English Synonyms
  • You have to speak English words! With this, the pronunciation can be made good!
    Practice speaking English along with the game! You can also improve your English Skills by listening to English Audio!
  • There are also tests taken in which you can participate!

4. Cake App (Free English learning app)

This is an Interesting Free English Learning App! To use this app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store!

  • After installing the app, open it and login with your email id. In this you can watch different types of videos!
  • You can see the expression through the video! Videos improve your English speaking skills!
  • In this app you are also given offers in which you can talk in English with a good English speaker!
  • You have to record your voice! Which you can listen to yourself!
  • With this you can improve your English completely, Cake app supports it completely.

5. Hello Talk (English mobile application)

Hello Talk is an English learning mobile app that allows you to chat in English with audio, video, text messages!

The special thing in this is that you can connect with people from any country in the world! And you can improve your English!

Features of Hello Talk App:

  • Through the Hello Talk app, you can read books and magazines online for 20 to 30 minutes a day, which will make your habit of reading English and there will be no hesitation in speaking English!
  • In this you can join the Hello Language Podcast! In which you can improve your original English voice by speaking!
  • You can sometimes join a live language learning class.

6. English Listening & Speaking

English Listening & Speaking is a Free English Learning Application! In which you can learn to listen and speak English! Following are the special features of this app:

  • The level has to be completed by reading the article in it! You can practice daily by reading English articles!
  • In this, you can learn 1000 Most Common Phrases. and 1500 Most Common Words. Can learn many idioms and Phrases.
  • With this app, a complete English spoken skills can be developed only after improving almost all the topics in English!


  • English pronunciation.
  • Tenses.
  • English Grammar in use.
  • verbs
  • english words
  • This is the best app by which you can raise your English speaking skills to a good level! And have a Fluently English conversation!

7. Utter (English learning App)

Utter is the best learning app in which you can improve your English Speaking, Reading and Writing skills! When you want to talk and chat in English, you can use Utter!

Whenever someone chats with you in English, you can easily translate with the help of Utter! Fluent English can be learned with daily practice!

Features of Utter App

  • English conversation, topic and grammar can be improved in Utter.
  • Difficult words can be understood with the help of dictionary.
  • You can analyze your performance score.
  • Grammar practice test and improve present, past, future tenses and pronunciation!
    With the help of this app, you can improve the skill of making presentation, resume!
  • Can strengthen the ability to speak in English in job interviews, office meetings!

8. Learn English Phrases (English Translator)

This is an English phrases learning application with the help of which everyone can speak English with confidence!
You can use this app offline, in this you get to learn many English Phrases!


  • thank you
  • how much
  • I really appreciate
  • Excuse me
  • I’m sorry
  • Nice to meet you
  • Actually

To learn the pronunciation of English words, you can record any words by speaking loudly!

With the help of this app, you can use phrases in it while traveling in foreign country, listen to the phrases and practice by repeating them.

9. Busuu (learn English app)

This is a famous English learning app with over 100 million users! This is the Best Platform to Learn English! You can learn English from Basic to Advance! English skills are improved by practicing this app every day!

In this, you can practice English by playing Games and Quizzes! And in this you are given 150 topics and you have to learn 3000 words.

Very simple way, we have to learn English listening, speaking, and writing! And with the practice of every day, you can learn to speak English sitting at home, to improve English with the help of the app in your android phone itself!

10. Learn English Daily

This is an English learning App Free in which you can easily learn to speak English!

In this, English lessons are given and on the basis of the lesson, you have to practice to learn English! You can improve your English by using it daily

  • English phrases can be heard in it, every day Sentence has to be practiced by speaking! Which helps to improve English speaking!
  • Common conversation can be done in this and translation can be done easily!
    You can learn good English by joining online lessons
  • The special thing is that in this app you can bookmark a lesson and remind it through Notification.

11. Quiz your English (Video Game)

This is an interesting application. This app is very useful for improving your English!

You can download this app on your android phone! Let’s know the features of this application!

Features of this Quiz your English App are as follows!

  • Through this app you can improve your English in a new way. For this you have to learn English everyday in this app.
  • In this, you can practice English grammar and you can learn English by forming a group with friends.
  • Improve your vocabulary by searching and reading English words.
  • The funniest thing is that you can also learn English through video games in this app.
  • Along with this, you can easily prepare for Cambridge English exam with this app.
  • You can share this free learning app to your friends through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.
  • In this application you can participate in English quiz and improve your English learning score.

12. Beelingue App (how to learn to speak english)

In Beelingue App, you can learn languages ​​other than English like: French, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese.

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android phone.

Following are the features of this Beelingue App:

  • In this application you can learn language through 2 concepts: 1) Side by side reading and 2) Karaoke Reading
  • In “Side by side reading” you have to read the text in 2 different languages ​​on the phone screen and you can also use your native language if you want.
  • “Karaoke Reading” means audio will play in your screen and you can practice the language through animation.
  • In this app you can find short stories, popular stories, with this new texts are added every day.
  • You can practice the language by joining and talking with friends online.
  • You can use Beelingue application for free and all the features are available in it.

13. Grammarly (Writing application)

One of the best online grammar checking, spell checking mobile app! This app is used for English writing, with the help of which you can improve your English writing.

This is an interesting learning application! Let us know how to use this app and what are its features:

Features of Grammarly App are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to install the application from Google Play Store, after that you have to login to it.
  • After this you have to add this Grammarly keyboard to your phone. With this you can correct your English writing mistake.
  • Correct spelling of English words can be done easily.
  • The special thing about this app is that you can chat with anyone in English very easily with its help, it corrects your sentences, grammar and spellings.

14. English Kids App

This is a English Speaking ke Liye Best App This is a Best App to teach English to kids

Alphabets, Numbers, Months, Weeks, all types of words and meanings, you can easily learn children through this application.

You can easily install this app from Google Play Store.

Features of English Kids App are as follows:

  • You can learn English to your kids at home, as well as learn the names of Fruits & Vegetables, Food Cloths, Flowers in English.
  • You can learn pronunciation by seeing pictures of any English words and listening to sound.
  • This app helps children to write English words.
  • Kids can play games that make learning English even more fun for kids.
  • Parts of The Body, Number in English 1 to 100, Colors. Children can easily learn animal names. This learning app is helpful in improving the vocabulary of kids

15. English test (Vocabulary builder App)

This is an English learning App Free, with the help of which you can improve your English!

It has about 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store. This is a helpful mobile app. Its special features are as follows:

Features of English Test App

  • Grammar and Vocabulary skills can be improved with this mobile app!
  • Along with learning English, you can know the performance level from the test!
  • This app is considered the best for competitive English exams like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC!
  • Can improve English reading and writing skills!
  • With just a little English practice, you can improve your English!

Conclusion :- In today’s post we have learned in detail about Top 10+ best english learning app (Best English Sikhne Ka App) and English bolna kese sikhe!

If you want to improve your English, then you can easily learn English sitting at home and develop good English skills!

You can make your English better by using these best english learning app for free download! You will find all these apps on Google Play Store which you can download from there! Their size is also not more than MB!

Hope this best english learning app (Best English Sikhne Ka App) post and the features of these apps will help you in improving your English speaking skills!

Do tell your thoughts and questions in the comment section and keep reading such educational and informational posts!


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