How to Make Online PDF | What is PDF and how to make? Full Information || Friends, how do you make PDF in this article, Image to PDF and Google Drive, WhatsApp and How to Make PDF from CamScanner. Today, a lot of work can be made from mobile in this technical period. People also want them to work harder and all the work should be done only by Mobile. All of you must have heard about the PDF file. It has started to be used nowadays.

That’s why sometimes it needs to be made, but at the same time if you do not have to make PDF then there may be trouble. That’s why we are going to tell you how to make online pdf. Before we know what is PDF File?

What happens to PDF?

The full name of PDF is Portable Document Format. This file has a format. Just for the video .mp4, for the image .jpg, .png is the same type .pdf for the PDF file. It can be opened in all electronic devices such as computer mobile or tablet and it is also easy to print.

It was first made by the Adobe Software Company. After this, due to its specialty, it was quite fast. We can protect it by converting any text or image file into PDF. Send this format via EMail, WhatsApp and share it somewhere is also very easy.

There can be difficulty in sending a lot of photos or large documents. That’s why all the photos can convert to the PDF. After converting to PDF, her size becomes smaller. Apart from making the PDF file of the necessary documents, online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Save in OneDrive.

How to Make Online PDF with Cam Scanner

To make PDF you will need an app whose name is Camscanner. This app will be found in the Play Store or right here by clicking on the name of the app. After this it is to install the Open of Install. After this, it is to follow the steps given:

📲 Play Store App :- Download

  • 1. There will be some interface to open the app to Open. It’s swipe on the left.
  • 2. Now click here to use Now.
  • 3: Then click on Camera icon in the bottom corner.
  • 4: Now click on Import. If you want to draw a photo of a document, make it PDF, or if you want to make the PDF of the second format file in addition to the image, click on Import Files. If you click on the option of Image to Text on the same, then any photo can make PDF as text (handwriting or sketch).
  • 5: After clicking in Import or Import Files, select files or images.
  • 6: After this click Import above.
  • 7: Now click on the PDF icon above.
  • 8: After this your PDF file will be formed in a few seconds. Now you can share it anywhere.

How to Make PDF from Online Mobile

How to Make Online PDF – If you have any problem in the given method or if you do not like the way, you can also create PDF online. There are so many websites available in the internet. Similar is a quite a Popular site When you go to this site, you will get many tools free. This can make you PDF in Computer or Laptop too. In the following video, the complete process of making PDF has been given.

In this site you can edit the PDF file, delete unwanted pages, make it can be compressed and shortened and can convert photos, Word Document, Exel Sheet etc. to PDF. Apart from this, any PDF file can protect, i.e. can put a password in it. By which he was safe. Also can also change any PDF in Exel, Word Document or Photo.

How to make PDF from Google Drive

Nowadays the Google Drive App in-built is given in Smartphones. That’s why this app will not need to be downloaded. This app is used mostly for online storage, but you can also make PDF, which is also much easier. To make PDF from Google Drive, you have to open the app and follow the steps below-

  • 1) After Open, click on the icon.
  • 2) After this, click on Scan.
  • 3) Drag the photo of the document where the PDF is now.
  • 4) After this you can give the right size of crop tax, can select its color and click on the icon + if you want to add the page.
  • 5) After this, click Save.
  • 6) Now click on Save by rename.
  • 7) After this, he will start uploading the file as a PDF.
  • 8) When it is uploaded, you can download and share by clicking on Three DOT.

How to make PDF from WhatsApp

There are two ways to make PDF from WhatsApp. One can make PDF in Camscanner by taking screenshots. In the second WhatsApp only if you open any Chat, clicking on the Three Dot, click on the more if you click on the Export Chat.

  • (1) After this, without Media Select the Gmail to select. Now send it to your own Gmail ID. Now get a TXT file in attachment that Email you’ve got, download it.
  • (2) After this you will need an app whose name is WPS Office. This app will easily find you in the Play Store. Download him.
  • (3) After this, go to the file manager and open that TXT file. When you open the Open WITH will be optional, select WPS Office there. Click on Three Dot in WPS Office and select Export to PDF. After this your Whats App Chat will be converted into a PDF.


How to make PDF photo

Often people have also questioned Photo Ko PDF Kaise Banaye, then for this you can also use Camscanner, Smallpdf website, Google Drive and WPS Office. We have only told for most method photos, because the photos of documents are available to all. That’s why you can make PDF from photos from all methods.

Conclusion: We have told you a lot of ways to make PDF. We hope that you have to learn a lot from this article. Nowadays PDF is being used to give information or information in almost every government office, school, colleges and other organizations because it can be easily print. That is why it is necessary that you also come to PDF. How do you make our articles How to make online PDF tell us in comment. Along with this if the article liked it, then share it to others.


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