Friends, whenever someone’s call comes on the mobile phone of many people, it is told by speaking in their mobile that the call of the person of whose name has come. In such a situation, if we have kept our mobile phone in our pocket or somewhere, then there is no need to pick it up and see whose phone call has come. If there is no urgent call, we don’t even pick up the phone. Many people want to install this type of feature in their mobile phone, so today we are going to tell you about some of the best phone name apps. You can also install this feature in your mobile using these apps.

You also get calls from SIM company or other customer care people many times a day. So you can use these apps so that you don’t have to waste your time whenever you get this type of phone call.

In today’s article, I am going to give you a list of some of the most popular and useful phone name calling apps on the internet. When you get these calls, you have to install the name telling app in your mobile and make some necessary settings. After this, whenever a call comes on your phone, then your mobile will automatically tell you whose call has come.

By the way, you will find name telling apps on many phones on the Google Play Store. But many apps do not work well, we have checked a lot of apps and have shortlisted some of the best apps.

Caller Name Announcer Pro App

Caller Name Announcer Pro is the best name speaking app among the name calling app on the internet. More than 10 million people have downloaded this app on Google Play Store so far.

In this app, you get both the facility of calling and speaking at the same time when a message is received. In this app, you can also control the sound that you make when you name a call. Inside the app, you get the features of how much you have to keep the voice, what to keep its pitch.

Quite often we get a call from an unknown number, even then, through this app, identifying its number and telling you the name. This app is developed by a company named JaredCo.

More than 60 thousand people have given a 5 star rating and a great review to this app, which speaks when the call comes on the Google Play Store. The CJ of this app is also only 13 MB, due to which there is not going to be much load on your mobile.

Features of Caller Name Announcer Pro –

  • Inside this, the Annoucment option is available in both the message and the call.
  • There is no number saved in your mobile and if a call comes from that number, then after checking its system, it will tell you about it by announcing it.
  • The app is very user friendly for Android users and has a great interface as well.
  • You can do 100% customization inside it.
  • You get such great options inside it, which call to call back, who to reject.
  • This app is free and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

Conclusion:- Friends, today we have told you about some of the best phone name calling apps in this article with you. You can take advantage of these apps by installing them on your mobile phone. All these phone name calling apps are absolutely free and you can install and use them by visiting the Google Play Store.

If you face any problem in setting up these apps in your mobile or disabling their feature, then you can ask in the comments. Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel to be the first to get our article updates on your mobile phone.


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