How To Protect From Virus on your android mobile? Today in this post we will talk about how to protect your android mobile from virus and keep it safe. You must have noticed many times, that your smartphone suddenly becomes slow. Or suddenly the ad starts coming in the mobile. And sometimes your phone also hangs.

So then we realize that maybe a virus has come in our mobile. We start worrying, now how do we remove the virus from our mobile phone. And this seems to be a big problem for us.

But sometimes we have to reset our android mobile. And because of this we wash our hands of many important data. So antivirus should be downloaded and installed in our mobile phone beforehand.

Note:- In this post, we will give complete information about the virus, what is it. And how can you save your Android mobile / smartphone from this. Along with this, I will also tell you about the top free antivirus app. Which can protect your mobile from virus.

Where and how does virus come in mobile?

As we all know, that we use android mobile or other type of smartphone. It is like a box without internet. But this internet transmits virus to our mobile.

But if we download video, music file, photo etc. from internet through our mobile. So from here there is an attack of virus in our phone, that is, they enter our mobile.

So to protect our mobile phone from viruses and malware, we should not go much to such websites, on which a lot of popup ads are open. Do not try to download any file from here.

Because from such a website, the risk of virus infection to our phone can be up to 99%. So it would be good for us to stay away from this type of site.

What to do to protect Android Mobile from virus?

Here I am telling you some tips to avoid virus. And you can protect your mobile from virus by following this.

  • First of all we should install Antivirus app in our mobile. There are many paid and free antivirus apps available on google play store. So I will tell you further about top five free antivirus app. You can install any one of these on your phone.
  • Always download and install the app from play store in mobile. But the app should not be installed from other unknown sources, because they may contain viruses.
  • Do not download anything from a site with more ads and pop ups.
  • Antivirus app should always be used. So you should always keep scanning your mobile.

Top Free Anti virus App

In this way, there are many different varieties of antivirus available in the market and on the internet. But some of them are paid, some are free and some are both.

But all antivirus have only one job and that is to scan the virus. This app prevents personal data theft from our phone. And saves us from unknown trouble. So this is very important for us. Let us know which are the top free antiviruses.

Security Master – Anti virus & VPN – Avoid Virus

Earlier this app was known as CM Security on play store. But now it has been upgraded to Security Master – VPN & Antivirus.

Virus Cleaner – Now it has become even better than before. You can use it without any hesitation. This app not only protects your phone from viruses, but it also keeps your privacy safe.

Junk Cleaner – It also diagnoses your phone status, but if there is some problem, it advises you to solve it. This app also cleans junk from your mobile phone along with virus.

Phone Boost, Battery Saver, and CPfU Cooler – Your phone gets very hot while charging battery and playing games. So it keeps both the battery and the mobile cool.

AppLock – Security Master also keeps your privacy safe by locking the app. So you can lock any app and feature in your mobile. So that no one can use it without your permission.

For example – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi switches, incoming calls, recent apps, settings, photos, WhatsApp, and many more apps.

ESET Mobile Security & Anti virus

ESET Antivirus app is a very powerful app. It can scan for almost all types of viruses. Such as ransomware, adware, phishing other malware etc. But apart from this, it can also scan all types of files. And it can also check your email id, and you download a file. So it scans that too.

This antivirus is available with both free and paid versions. But if you are installing this application on your mobile phone for the first time. So you will get its premium version for 30 days trail.

But if you use its paid version, then you will get all its premium features. Which will prove to be much better in protecting your mobile from viruses. So this app comes with powerful features like premium features, anti-theft, sms/mms/call blocking, automatic scan.

360 Security – Anti virus Boost

Android Mobile 360 ​​security antivirus app is on top with about 200 million users. But if we talk about the feature of this. So it is all-in-one power cleaner, smart speed booster and antivirus app. So it optimizes background apps, memory storage, junk files and battery power. And it also keeps your device safe from virus.

Key Features of 360 Security

It has many features, which are as follows –

1. Security and Anti virus

It automatically scans installed apps, memory card, content and new apps in your mobile. So it keeps the device safe from viruses, adware, malware etc.

2. Junk File Cleaner

It is also a mobile mobile cleanup app. It deletes all types of junk files. For example – system cache, photo cache, video cache and advertisement cache etc. This frees up the storage space to a great extent for your re-use.

3. Speed ​​Booster

It optimizes the memory (RAM) of the phone. Due to which the speed of your mobile never slows down. But apart from this it also boosts the game. So that your mobile will run smoothly.

4. Multi-function lock screen

It automatically keeps checking the status of your smartphone. Even when your mobile is locked. It also provides high-quality wallpaper, so that your mobile looks more beautiful.

It operates the music player even in the lock screen. And one of the best features in this is giving you alarm when it is full charge. So that the phone is not overcharging.

5. Call & SMS Filter

It helps you in blocking unwanted/spam calls and text messages. It can also blacklist unknown numbers from call logs, messages and contacts.

6. Privacy & App Lock

Can lock Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, photo albums and other important & private documents. Because it should not fall in wrong hands. At the same time, it has many features, so which can be of great use to you.

AVG Anti Virus for Android Security

AVG AntiVirus frer protects android mobile from dangerous virus and malware. It keeps your personal data safe through App Lock. for example Wi-Fi Security Scan, Photo Vault and App Permissions adviser etc.

Some of its more features are as follows.

App Features:

It scans apps, games and files through dual-engine antivirus feature. And removes malicious content. But it can also scan harmful websites as well.


AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 can find your stolen or lost mobile through google map. Through this you can lock your phone. After stealing your phone, if someone tries to unlock it. So it will secretly email his photo to you directly.

But if someone tries to change the SIM card of your mobile, then it will lock the phone. Through the AVG website, it will record the photo and audio of the mobile theft and send it to you.


It can hide private photos through a password-protected Vault. And its app lock can also lock your sensitive apps.

Avast Mobile Security – Antivirus & App Lock

Avast is a well-known name in the world of security. Because it provides security software for almost all types of desktop operating systems.

So in the same way, it also provides Antivirus & App Lock app for android. Which protects your mobile from viruses and other types of malware. Avast Mobile Security app is the world’s most reliable and free antivirus app.

But if you install any spyware and adware apps, then it alerts you. It protects your device from phishing attack emails, phone calls, infected websites and SMS messages. So this app has been installed 100 million times on the play store. It has many features which are like this.

  1. Antivirus Engine
  2. App Lock
  3. Call Blocker
  4. Anti-Theft
  5. Photo Vault
  6. VPN (Virtual private network)
  7. Power Save
  8. Privacy Permissions
  9. Firewall (for rooted Android only)
  10. RAM Boost
  11. Junk Cleaner
  12. Web Shield
  13. WiFi Security
  14. WiFi Speed ​​Test

VPN (Virtual private network)

With VPN you can hide your online activities, and you can also change your location. Because no one can trace you.


But if someone tries to change the SIM of the phone. So avast will automatically lock the mobile lock, and at the same time will also take a photo of the thief.

Conclusion:- Friends, in the end I would like to say that antivirus app is very important for our smartphone. Because nowadays thousands of virus infected apps are full on the internet. And it can come in our mobile anytime. Then only these antivirus can save us.


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