Today, having Aadhar card is not only a necessity, but without it, many of your work can stop or if you do not have it, you can also get into trouble, today I will tell you how to download mAadhaar App? And how to setup? What are the advantages of downloading with mAadhaar App in mobile?

You must have often heard or seen that many people lose their Aadhar card when they need it, they neither have Aadhar nor information about their Aadhar card, so if you have mAadhaar Card Mobile in your mobile. If the App is downloaded, then you can get all the information of your Aadhaar from it.

In this mAadhaar App not only you can get your Aadhar information but you can also view your Aadhar card in case you do not have Aadhar card, you can also download your Aadhar card and get your second Aadhar card made. can.

Here in the information I am going to give you, you will know what is mAadhaar App? How to download it? And how to setup as well as download Masked Aadhaar Card? And what are the benefits of downloading mAadhaar App? If you want information about all these then read this post completely.

What is mAadhaar Mobile App?

mAadhaar is also an app like Mobile Apps which has been created by UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India which aims to promote Aadhaar card system and technology.

With this app, many types of problems related to Aadhaar of many people are solved like – viewing your Aadhaar in mobile, getting another Aadhaar card, locking your Aadhaar, updating your Aadhaar even in your bank account. It makes the work easy like whether Aadhar is linked or not.

UIDAI launched this Aadhaar card system i.e. mAadhaar App to make people’s work easier and promote Digital Technology so that people become aware and can also solve their problems themselves.

There are also some rules for using this app, without which you will not be able to use this app because in view of the security, the Government of India has now made this Aadhaar secure.

In which earlier where a simple Aadhar card was available in which any person could see the complete information, but now Masked Aadhar is available in which you will not be able to see Aadhar number also.

In such a situation, if you know how to download mAadhaar App? And how to setup? So you can get your Aadhaar number and its complete information by using this app, but some things are also necessary to use the app.

What are the essential things to use mAadhaar App?

The essential things to use mAadhaar App are as follows because without it you will not be able to login to your Aadhaar.

1. You must know the number of your Aadhar card or QR Code of your Aadhar card.

2 A mobile number should be registered in your Aadhar card and that mobile number should be installed in your mobile because an Otp will come on it which you will need.

3. Now I will not tell that mobile phone is required and internet connection is required because these are the things without which you cannot access internet.

How to Download mAadhaar App

mAadhaar App Download :- Friends, to download this app you have to go to playstore and by searching mAadhaar you will get this app easily from where you can download it easily.

The way to download mAadhaar is as follows –

1 First you have to open your Play Store

2. Here you will see many apps and a search bar will appear above, in this search bar you have to search mAadhaar App

3. As soon as you search this much, this mAadhaar App will come in front of you

4. Here you will see an Install option to download this mAadhaar App, on which you have to click.

5 As soon as this is done, this mAadhaar App will start downloading and in no time it will be downloaded and installed in your mobile phone.

Or if you are not getting this mAadhaar App on Playstore for some reason, then you can also download this mAadhaar App by clicking on this link.

Note- Friends, this app has just been launched for Android Mobile Phones, this app is not available for iOS device yet. May be soon this app will be launched for iOS device as well.

How to Setup mAadhaar App?

Step-1: First of all open mAadhaar App will ask for some permissions allow all permissions

Step-2: Now your App will be open now click on skip below then click on I Consent.

Step-3: Now from here you have to select your language and click on Continune.

Step-4: Now here you have to enter the mobile number and click on the Next button below

Step-5: Now your mobile number will get 6 digit Otp, enter it and click on submit button below

Step-6: In this way you will be login to this App, now you have to add your Aadhaar in it, for which click on Register My Aadhaar at the top.

Step-7: Now here you will have to create a 4 digit ac password of your aadhar, enter any 4 digits then enter the same password again in the confirm password

Step-8: Now on the next page you have to enter your Aadhar number, a captcha will be shown below it, write down what is written in the captcha and click on Send Otp

Step-9: Now a 6 digit Otp will be sent on the mobile number registered in your Aadhar card, enter it and click on Verify.

After doing this, your Aadhaar will open, which you will be able to see, which will show the position next to Aadhaar.

Now if you want to see the rear position, then slide the base to the left, then you will also be able to see the rear part of the base.

Friends, there are many such options below this which are very useful for you, which you can use like

Downloading Aadhar Card, Check Your Aadhar Link In Which Bank, Request To Create Another Aadhar, Even Apart From Locking Your Aadhar There Are Many Options Which You Can Use

Friends, who I have told you the way, I tried to put the skinsart of all of them but this mAadhar App has so much security that you can’t even take the skinsart even if you make a video of it, from this it is known that how safe is your aadhaar.

What are the benefits of mAadhar App?

Friends, there are people in India even today who say that when we have Aadhar card or we can download Aadhar card, then what is the need to download mAadhar App in mobile.

But just think, is that downloaded aadhar safe, on which aadhaar number appears, any person can do many things online with that aadhaar number, today internet is all such things which can be done by just entering aadhaar number.

So let’s know what are the benefits of mAadhaar App?

1. Friends, the biggest advantage of mAadhar App is that you can lock your Aadhaar whenever you want and can remove the lock whenever you want.

Meaning when you need you can do your work by removing the lock, when there is no work, lock it, now no one else will be able to use it.

2. Whenever you go to download or print Aadhar card, you have to enter Otp every time but once registered with mAadhar App, you can see your Aadhar by just entering password, show it anywhere and download it.

3. Even if your Aadhaar is lost, you do not have to worry because with this mAadhar App all the work is done, it is recognized everywhere.

4. In this you also get TOTP in which there is only time based verification so that you work securely by connecting your mobile with trusted device in which you do not need Otp.

5. In this mAadhar App you will get QR code which you can scan anywhere and submit your information in which you do not need Aadhar number, name or anything.

6. Once you have verified your aadhaar in this mAadhar App using internet then later without internet also you can open this mAadhar App and view your aadhar.

Conclusion :- How to Download mAadhaar App?

So friends, this was the information, how to download mAadhaar App? About in which I have given complete information about how to download this app, what is mAadhaar App along with its benefits.

Friends, whatever use I have told about mAadhaar, you can do all these things by visiting the official website of UIDAI, since this is a website, here you will have to enter Otp again and again, but still you will be able to complete the use even without App. Of.

I hope this information how to download mAadhaar App? If you like this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media.


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