FL Studio is the most used software in the world. With the help of which we can make music. Any song can be remixed. You can edit any type of audio file. This software is very simple to look at. And it is very comfortable to drive. You can run this software by watching its video. And you can remix songs in this software. How to do song remix steps. who have come down.

Before starting the song remixing, you have to know about the song that you can take it in the form of information. Or it is important to know 2 things about the song. for example

  • Songs Tempo
  • Songs Key

How To Know Song Tempo (BPM)

To know the BPM, you must have Virtual DJ Software, you must have Virtual Home DJ because to increase or decrease the BPM of the song, you must know the real BPM of the song. So first download and install Virtual Home DJ.

Virtual Home DJ is free software. You will get it from internet. Now download and install it and open this software and the song whose BPM is to be seen. Put it in Virtual Software.

After entering the song, after a few seconds, you will know the BPM of the song as you are seeing in the above photo. This is the original BPM or Tempo of the song.

How to know the key of the song

When we make music to remix any song. So the key of that song and the key of your music should match exactly, otherwise your song will sound very strange. So for this we should first know the key of the song, then we can make music accordingly.

You can search the internet to find the key of the song. for example

“Tera Hoke Rahoon Chords”

So you will see some websites, you can check any website in them. Or you can use virtual DJ software.

As you can see in the above photo. Here the key of the song is visible. So you can find out the key of such a song.

Now we have the tempo and key of the song. So according to this, we will make music for it before remixing it, we have to set its BPM too, so let’s set the BPM of your remix project according to the song.

4 Hindi video tutorials of song remixing in FL studio are given below. All these tutorials have been made in Hindi. Which you can learn to remix songs very easily. So first you download these tutorials and watch one by one and learn

Download Video Part 1
Download Video Part 2
Download Video Part 3
Download Video Part 4

Conclusion:- In this post you will get dj song kaise banaye apna naam ka dj song apna name ka dj song making app apna name song fl studio how to make any song said mix how to remix any slow song dj remix app apna name dj It has been told about the maker app, if you have any question or suggestion apart from this, then definitely ask by commenting below. And do share this post so that others can also know this information.


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