To know the location of any mobile number, you can use Truecaller App, from this you can easily find out the location by name and mobile number, so let us first know what is Truecaller and how to find the location from Truecaller or How to Find Name on Truecaller.

What is Truecaller App

Truecaller is such an app with the help of which you can know the location and name of the mobile number. If you have never used this app, then let me tell you that the details of calls coming on your phone are shown.

You can install this app on Android, iOS, Windows, and all other devices. Even its website is there, if you do not want to download the app, then you go to its website and after dialing someone’s mobile number, you are given some information about it, such as who it is and what is the location of its place.

How does Truecaller work?

Truecaller’s work is very simple, when someone installs this app on your phone once, then all the contact numbers in your phone are stored in Truecaller’s server and when you or your contact list person calls someone. And if he is using Truecaller App then he gets all your information like what is your name and where are you from.

Keep in mind life, if you install Truecaller once and allow the permission, then whatever nunber is saved on your phone, it will remain on Truecaller for life and until you give permission to Truecaller, you will be able to use this app. Can’t use it, so download this app on your phone and use it thoughtfully. You can’t do this to us after you didn’t tell us earlier.

How to Find Location from Truecaller

Using Truecaller App and website is very simple, just you have to install Truecaller app in your phone, after that you have to login with your phone number and then dial the mobile number of whose mobile number you want to find the name or location. Happens.

How to Know Name from Mobile Number

Step-1: First of all Download Truecaller App from play store.

Step-2: Now you have to click on GET started.

Step-3: Now here you are given two options, you simply have to select Truecaller and then click on set as default, then continue

Step-4: Now the number of the SIM card installed in your phone is automatically taken. If you want to login with another number, then you can dial the number manually by clicking on Enter number.

Step-5: Now you have to accept all the teams, for this you have to click on AGREE & Continue.

Step-6: Now the mobile number you have entered will be confirmed, it may take a few seconds.

Step-7: Now you will be asked to create a profile, you simply have to click on Google, then it will automatically be created on Facebook.

Step-8: Now here again you will get 2 options, you will click on later.

Step-9: After doing this, you will now reach the home page of Truecaller. Now you have to dial the number of any mobile number you want to know its location and name by clicking on the search bar.

Step-10: As soon as you dial, his name and location will appear just below it, you have to click on it.

Step-11: Now here you have given his name and which company’s sim he is using and along with these his location has also been given. You simply have to click on the location.

Step-12: Google maps will open in front of you as soon as you click on the location and you can see their location by zooming.

Note – All the information given to you here is 100% correct, but there is a doubt here, if that boy is using Truecaller, then he can also change his name and location with the help of Truecaller app, so in this Can’t say how much % of the location and name mentioned are true.

Conclusion:- So friends, I hope that with the help of today’s article, how to know the location from Truecaller, so you must have known in detail, if you want to know how to see the location of Kisi Mobile from apps other than Truecaller, then you can read my second article. Is .


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