How to save Document in Google Drive || What is Google Drive || In this post you will know what is Google Drive? This is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google itself. You can use this free service to store your important files. If you want to understand Google Drive in very easy language, then this is an online file store website.

You can save it by uploading the data (docs, videos, music, photos, pdf etc.) present in the computer or phone here. Store data in Google Drive is accessed by logging in with a gmail account. The biggest advantage of this free file storage is that the file uploaded in it can be downloaded back if needed.

Nowadays Google Drive app is already installed in almost all the devices. However, only up to 15GB of data is allowed to be stored in the free plan of Google Drive. Its paid plans can also be purchased, after which you get 1TB – 30TB storage. So by now you know what is Google Drive? Let us now learn about how to use Google Drive.

How to save Document in Google Drive || What is Google Drive

If you are an android user then this app will already be installed in your phone. Simply open “Google Drive” and follow the steps below to sign up:

  • First of all open Google Drive.
  • Now login with gmail account by clicking on add account.

We are successfully logged in to Google Drive. Whenever we have to access our files, we will use the same account. Now to back up our files in Google Drive, we have to upload them here. How to upload file to google drive? Let’s go

How to Upload Files to Google Drive

  • 1. Open Google Drive and click on the plus icon visible in My Drive.
  • 2. A pop-up will open and click on Upload in it.
  • 3. Now select the file from the phone gallery that you want to upload to Google Drive. Apart from this, you can also select and upload multiple files at once.

According to the size of the file, it will take time to complete the upload. Once this is done, you do not have to worry about the deletion of that file. Even if your phone gets damaged, your important file will still be safe in this drive. Let us now know about how to download this uploaded file back.

How to Download Photos from Google Drive

  • 1) Click on the More icon next to any file you want to download from the drive.
  • 2) A popup will open in which you have to click on the download option. So in this way you can download any file saved in Google Drive. This is more beneficial for those people who have less phone storage or those who have more important files kept in their phone. In Google Drive, you can easily back up the data of your phone or computer.

But in a free account this limit is only 15GB. If you want to store more data than this, then you have to buy its paid plan, in which you can get more space.

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Conclusion: In this article “How to save Document in Google Drive || What is Google Drive” you know what is Google Drive? Under which we told you how you can use this free tool to save the data of your computer or phone in it. Along with this, we also told how to download the uploaded file. So hope this post helped you to learn something. If you have any question or suggestion related to this, then please do tell in the comment below. If the post is informative, then you can also share it on social site.


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