APP Lock 2021 || How to set Apps Lock in mobile : In today’s time no one wants his mobile phone to be used by someone else. But today’s Android phone comes with the facility to lock all your apps. But do you know that you can keep your mobile safe by applying screen lock, pattern lock, pin lock in the mobile you are running. Today I am going to share you complete information about how to lock in mobile app.

Before using any thing, one has to take care of its security, in the same way, for using mobile and for its security, we keep a lock in mobile so that when someone takes our phone, it cannot be misused. That’s why everyone keeps a lock on your phone or important app.

|| APP Lock 2021 || How to set Apps Lock in mobile ||

Many people just keep the screen lock on, due to this their mobile data can be stolen. Because when someone takes my phone and he says, friends, give a mobile phone somewhere. So you give him the phone, after that instead of the call, he opens an app like: – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, see the data lying on it, which causes a lot of trouble to us.

In today’s time every person wants to know about another person. People who do this, I do not understand why they do this. Leave all this, whoever does whatever he wants, but for your safety, you should keep a lock on both your mobile and the app.

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|| What is the advantage of applying App Lock 2021 ||

  • Your mobile is safe by installing Mobile App
  • When mobile is stolen, no one can see your data due to App lock.
  • By applying App lock, you can give your phone to any person.

|| Disadvantages of not using App Lock ||

  • The first disadvantage is that everyone can use the number of apps in your mobile.
  • The second disadvantage is that if you use paytm, Google Pay, Phone pe, then your bank balance can also be withdrawn.
  • By not using App lock and personal data like, Image, Videos, Call Recording, one can listen.

|| How to lock apps or App Lock? ||

It is very easy to apply App lock in any mobile, today I am going to tell you step by step how to use App Lock.

  • Step 1: First of all you have to download an app which you will easily find in Google paly store. Whose name is AppLock
  • Step 2: After opening the app, you will be asked to lock the pattern 2 times, you can choose any type of lock as per your wish.
  • Step 3: After applying Pattern lock, you will see the complete app of your mobile in front of you. You have to click on the app in whichever app you want to lock.
  • Step 4: After clicking on the App, you will see something like this, click on PERMIT. After that on App Lock, after that app will ask permission for your phone, you have to turn ON right in front of permit Usage Access.

In this way you can lock all the apps. So friend saw how you can keep your mobile app safe by locking it.

|| How to Hide APP Lock in Mobile.||

First we tell you how to hide it. Let’s know how to hide the app:

  • Open Applock on your mobile.
  • On opening, you will see the option of Protect, click on it.
  • After clicking on the option of Protect, you will see the option of Magic, click on it.
  • On clicking Magic, you will get the option of Hide Applock, then enable it.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you, enable the option of Hide Applock above.

This way it will be hidden from your phone. It will no longer appear on your home screen and no one will be able to see your private photos and videos.

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Conclusion: Through today’s post you learned that APP Lock 2021 || How to set Apps Lock in mobile, also know how to set lock on app, hope the information given by us will be useful for you. How to lock app Please take help of this post to get this information. Through today’s post, you must have come to know about how to hide apps. How did you like this information, do let us know by commenting in the comment box below.


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