What is Google Kormo App || How to Search Job on Kormo || Hello friends, today we will try to know in detail about what is Google kormo App. You must have heard about many online job portals. Such as – Naukari App, Monsters Job and LinkedIn.

These are the main job portals of India. From where Millions of Indians get jobs. Now Google has also landed in this race. On 20 August 2020, Google has officially launched the Kormo jobs app in India. Earlier, Kormo App has been launched in Bangladesh in 2018 and Indonesia in 2019.

Friends, the demand for jobs has started increasing inside the market recently. In such a situation, Google has launched Kormo App to support Indians. Where is this portal going to compete with India’s biggest job portal LinkedIn. The best thing about this job portal is that you can create a digital CV inside it. For this reason this portal is different. The second special thing is that it is a product of Google, so you can trust it even with your eyes closed. This job portal helps the relevant job seeker to get acquainted with the employer.

What is Kormo App (Kormo app Details)

Friends, Google Kormo Job App is an Android App of Google Playstore. It is a job portal platform similar to naukari.com and monster.com.

Friends, let me tell you a little about the job portal. A job portal is a platform on which a job seeker and a job giver meet. If the employer needs an employee of some specific skill set, then he writes all his requirements along with the job on that portal. Jobseeker reads that requirement, if his skills meet the requirement, then he applies for the job. The Kormo app also works on this Phenomenon.

On top of the Kormo App, you will get different different categories of jobs. Such as – Warehousing, Cooking, IT, Engineering, SCM, Marketing, etc. Whatever type of job you want, you will get all kinds of options. On the Kormo app, you can find the City, Country and Job of your choice and apply.

What is Google Kormo App || How to install Google kormo app

  • Friends, Kormo App is an Android Application. To install the Kormo App, you must first open the Google Play Store.
  • Now search Kormo App on Google Play Store, a list will open in front of you.
  • Now first of all click on Option (kormo App).
  • Install option will come in front of you. Now you click on install. After some time the application will be installed.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

How to Create Account on Google Kormo App –

  • As soon as you install the Kormo App, after that you will have the option of open.
  • You have to click on Open. On clicking, a window will open in front of you.
  • Here you will see the option to create an account from Gmail. Select the Gmail account you want to create an account with and click on Continue.
  • Now a new page will open in front of you. Here you will be asked What Type of Job are you Looking for?
  • Many options will come in front of you, whatever your skill set, you should choose the option according to it. For example, if I am MBA, then I will choose Management.
  • As soon as you select, the option of Continue will come in front of you.
  • Now you click on Continue
  • Now another window will open in front of you. Where you will be asked “Where do you want to work”.
  • Choose the city in which you want to work according to the option.
  • As soon as you click on the city, you will come to its main page. Here Job Display will be happening according to your choice.

What is Google Kormo App || How to Create Profile on Kormo App

To create a profile on Kormo App, you have to follow some 7 basic steps, their details are given below.

1) Basic Profile

  • As soon as you open the Kormo App, the option of Profile will appear on the top of your right-hand side.
  • You have to click on this option.
  • Now a basic profile will open in front of you. You will see the option of Edit at the top.
  • Now you click on it.
  • Here you will see 5 options. You have to fill them according to the example given below.
  • You must have filled your details as per the image shown above. Now you have to click on save.

2) Work Experience

In this option you will fill the work experience of your previous company. like-

  • 1) Position- What was your position in your previous company. Like- Executive, Manager, etc.
  • 2) Company name – Your previous company name.
  • 3) Duration- How long have you worked in your previous company?
  • 4) In the last option, you have to fill your job responsibility in your previous company.

3) Education

  • In this option, you have to fill your basic education like – school name, college name, in which stream you have done your graduation.
  • You have to fill the duration from when you completed college and in the last option, you have to fill what skills you have learned.

4) Reference

  • In this option, you can give details of any employee, manager or boss of your previous company.
  • It helps us to get the next job.
  • Here you can fill basic details like their name, relation, contact number, email.

5) Language

  • In this option, you can select your language, whatever language you know, you can fill it here.

6) Interest

  • In this option, according to your interest, you can select in which field you want to work.

7) Upload Resume

  • In this option you can upload the resume created on Word Pad.
  • You click on upload resume. Now you select browse and find the location of your phone where the resume is saved.
  • Now you click on it. Your resume will be uploaded on Kormo app.

How to search job on Kormo App

  • To do job search on Google Kormo App, you have to do only 2 settings.
  • First of all, in which field you want a job, you have to select that means go to interest and select the field of your interest.
  • Second, you have to update your location, meaning in which city do you want to work.
  • After these 2 settings job recommendation will start coming according to your interest.

How to apply jobs on Google Kormo App

  • When you open the Korma app, then jobs according to your interest appear on the home page.
  • Whichever Naukari you like, click on it. After clicking, you will get complete information about the job.
  • Like – how much is the salary, what is the job tile, JD and other important information
  • You can like or dislike the job according to your interest and skill.
  • If you like the job, then click on the Apply button you will be showing below.
  • Congratulation has been applied for your job.
  • Now the company will invite you for the interview after analyzing your profile and resume.

How to use Google Kormo Jobs App

  • Friends, it is very easy to use Google Kormo jobs App. To use it, first you have to install this app from Playstore.
  • After installing, you have to create your account on top of it. After the account is created, the recommendation of Jobs will start coming on your homepage.
  • You can apply for any job you like. If you have a selection then you will be notified.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Google Kormo Jobs Review

  • Friends, Google Kormo Jobs is a Job Finding App through which you can get your desired job.
  • According to Play store, Kormo has been reviewed by 4 lakh people and its average rating is 4.1.
  • So far more than 1 Crore people have installed this application.

Conclusion: Friends, in today’s article, I have discussed in detail about kormo app. In the race to provide jobs, google has done a great job by launching a job portal. This app will help people a lot in finding jobs. Through the Google Kormo app, you can get both your favorite jobs and your favorite location. This has come as a new opportunity for new graduates. Hope you liked the complete tutorial of what is google kormo app. If you still have any query related to this topic, then definitely comment us. Thank you..!!


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