How to know train running status from Whatsapp || IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has started Whatsapp number for information about Live Status Update of any train. This IRCTC Whatsapp Number of Indian Railways will help all passengers to get Live Status Update of any train by sending a Whatsapp message with Train Number on the same IRCTC Whatsapp Number.

Indian Railways WhatsApp Number: 7349389104

Users will get Live Status Update of trains within seconds of passengers sending Whatsapp message to 7349389104. However, sometimes it may take time to receive a reply when the server is busy. Users can also use the helpline number 139 of Indian Railways to know the status of any train or alternatively for any other assistance.

How to know train running status from Whatsapp

The complete procedure to know the Live Status Update of the train using Indian Railways Whatsapp Number is as follows:-

  1. Save IRCTC Whatsapp Number, 7349389104 in the Contact List of your Smartphone.
  2. Now open the “Whatsapp” application on your Smartphone and search for the name with which the Indian Railways Whatsapp number has been saved and tap it to start Whatsapp chat.
  3. In Whatsapp Chatbox, type the train number of that train whose Live Status Update you want to know and click on send button.
  4. After few seconds you will get Whatsapp message with Train Live Status Update.

Indian Railways has recently introduced 4 other services apart from Whatsapp number which are as follows:-

  • Bio-Toilets:- It is a decomposition mechanized toilet system that converts human high emission waste in the digested tank to methane and water using specific high grade bacteria. Which is then removed on the desired surface. Bio-toilets will be installed in all trains by the year 2019.
  • IRCTC-iPay:- This is Indian Railways’ own payment gateway service which will be started soon. IRCTC-iPay will help in reducing the refund time on train ticket cancellation.
  • Repainting:- The government is going to repaint train coaches with beige and brown colors instead of blue.
  • e-catering:- Passengers can order food online at the price fixed by the railways.

Whatsapp Number for PNR Status and Train Route:-

RailGenie is another personal service that helps you to find out your PNR Status, PNR Route, Train Route on your Smartphone or Tablet via Whatsapp.

  • RailGenie WhatsApp number is 8305699144
  • This RailGenie is automatically replies to WhatsApp messages with Train Status responses 24×7.

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