Best 6 Free Video Conferencing Android Apps || By the way, in the Internet you will find many such video calling apps, so that you can easily talk face to face with a person sitting far away. But today we are going to tell about some such video apps inside the article which give good quality of videos. So friends, now let’s talk about the free video calling app. Through which you can talk face to face with a person sitting far away for free.

Best 6 Free Video Conferencing Android Apps

I have here Best 6 Free Video Conferencing Android Apps, you can use video conferencing apps for yourself according to this list. First of all, I have listed them in order according to the most popular apps in India.

  1. LiveMeet- Free Cloud Meetings
  2. Jio Video Calling
  3. Whatsapp Messenger
  4. Google Hangout
  5. Google Duo
  6. Zoom

1. LiveMeet- Free Cloud Meetings

This LiveMeet Free Video Conferencing App: A free video-conferencing app (video calling app for PC and app) that lets you interact with your friends, family or colleagues easily. LiveMeet allows video calling for up to 70 people at once. First create a meeting and send an invitation to everyone to join the meeting by sharing the meeting code from the app.

You can also re-add people from previous meetings by browsing the history option of Meetings. HD video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging can be easily accessed by this easy-to-use application.

📲 Free Video Conferencing App Play Store App :- Download

Some of the special features of LiveMeet- Free Cloud Meetings

This app is Made for India

  • Best Android video meeting feature.
  • Up to 70 people can be added to the meeting at a time.
  • Chat with other people during the meeting.
  • Picture-in-picture mode lets you multitask easily while in a meeting.
  • Password protect your meetings to keep your conversations private.
  • Create meetings and add meeting codes to people’s meetings directly from the app.
  • You can easily login with your Google account or email.
  • Connect to anyone, from anywhere at any time. And also easy to use.

2. Jio Video Calling: [Made in India]

Jio Video Calling: We all friends are well aware that ever since Jio phone has come in India or whatever the facility of Jio has come. Since then video calling has become very popular among the people and people are also very happy with the facility of video calling (Free Video Conferencing App). So in such a situation, if we are discussing video calling and Jio’s name does not come, then it is not possible.

This application has its own term and condition that the video calling of this application, you can do it from Jio’s number only from Jio’s phone. It gives you high quality as well as voice calling and video calling facilities. The only difference is that only users using Jio can use it.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

3. Whatsapp Messenger

Friends, we all know that nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp in a big way, from small to small mobile and from big to big mobile. And everyone has WhatsApp messenger. In this app also we know that there is video calling, there is audio calling and through this also you can talk face to face with each other.

Perhaps you will also know that recently WhatsApp Messenger has brought out a new version in which it connects 8 people together in a group through video calling (Free Video Conferencing App) and they can talk among themselves. Earlier its limit was four to five but now its limit has been increased to add people in video calling.

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4. Google Duo

Free Video Conferencing App: Friends, as we all know that Google Due is an app of Google itself. In this also you can do voice calling as well as video calling in a group and this app gives you the facility of high quality video calling. Apart from this, the biggest thing is that this app is from Google. So you can totally trust this app. Because there may be some confusion in terms of quality or trust of other apps but Google app is completely reliable.

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5. Google Hangout

Now let’s talk about hang out. So Hangout is not using today but people for a long time and this app is already installed in your mobile and given. If you all remember, Gmail used to have G-Talk earlier and its updated version has come to hang out, it is an application of Google itself. So you can completely trust this too. In this also you can get the facility of text message, free video conferencing app (video calling), voice calling.

 Play Store App :- Download

6. Zoom

Now let’s talk about the zoom app. Zoom is a video conferencing calling application [Free Video Conferencing App] and the biggest thing is that it has become very famous among the people since the lock down. By the way, in many video calling apps, you must have seen that you join three to four people together or a little more. But the zoom app is an application app through which you can talk with more than 100 people simultaneously through video conferencing.

Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, many companies have used it well. Along with the employees sitting at home, he talks with many people by adding them to video calling. Audio calling facility has also been provided inside this app. If you buy the tree version of this, you can talk to up to 500 people at once. There were some controversies in the matter of security, due to which it was closed for some time. But despite that, it is still a very popular application among the people.

📲 Free Video Conferencing App Play Store App :- Download

Conclusion: Friends, I sincerely hope you liked my post “Best 6 Free Video Conferencing Android Apps”. You don’t need to search anywhere else to know about this topic. then please do not forget to share it. Friends, which app do you like the most, which you guys use, please tell by commenting below.


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