How to Crop Video – Learn Mobile Video Editing || In this post we are going to learn mobile video editing? If you want to edit video from mobile as well as want to learn how to crop any video, then you can learn how to crop video in the easiest way from this post.

What is Video Crop? See, when you are shooting or recording a video, then there are some parts in that video that we do not need, then you can remove that part with the help of Crop. So let’s see which app we are going to use today to crop the video.

How to Crop Video || Learn Mobile Video Editing

The name of the app we are going to use today to crop the video is Inshot, maybe you are hearing its name for the first time but it is a very good video making app.

  • Step-1. First of all install Inshot on your phone by clicking on the link given below.

📲 How to Crop Video in Mobile - Video Cropping App Play Store App :- Download

  • Step-2. Open the app, after opening you have to click on the video.
  • Step-3. Now you have to select the video from your gallery, the video you want to crop.
  • Step-4. After selecting the video, the video editor room will open in front of you, you will get a button named Crop, click on it.
  • Step-5. On clicking the Crop button, the cropping page will open, now you crop the video according to your choice and requirement. Click on ✔ after cropping.
  • Step-6. After cropping the video, if you want to do some other editing like adding song to the video, applying text to the video, applying filter then you can apply that too. After everything is done, you will get the Save button above, click on it and save the video in 1080p.

Note: Using Inshot Video Editor, you can not only crop the video but also edit the video. Such as adding songs to videos, making photos into videos, adding animations and many more.

How to edit or crop video in Jio phone?

If you have a JIO phone and you want to edit videos from that phone, then the apps mentioned in the above post about Inshot app will not work. To edit video from jio phone, you can use online video editor tool “,” you can edit video in jio phone by using any of these two.

Conclusion: So in today’s post “How to Crop Video || Learn Mobile Video Editing” you must have got to learn something new. Hope you have liked this information today, if you have got to learn a little something new from this post, then please do share this post with your friends. If you have any question in your mind then do comment.


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