What is YouTube Shorts App || Complete information: After the ban of China-made short video creator app Titktok in India, many applications have been launched, in which Chingari App is also one. After the arrival of the TikTok application, a trend of making short videos started which is still going on, although keeping in mind the national security, the Government of India has banned the TikTok App, which is now available to other Short Video Maker Applications.

Now one more name has been added to this and that is YouTube Shorts, yes, now YouTube is also creating a platform for short videos using its video platform. In today’s article, we will know what is YouTube Shorts and when is it going to be launched in Indian and how will be able to use it.

What is YouTube Shorts App

You can present yourself in the form of a video in 15 seconds or less through YouTube Shorts. This is a very easy way. YouTube Shorts has been invented on the lines of the way users make short timing videos on TikTok.

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YouTube Shorts Features

  • Create: Creation is the core of short videos, when users make short videos, they use multi-functions which you will also get in shorts.
  • Along with this, multi-segment camera feature will also be available from which multiple video clips can be stringed together.
  • Record with Music will also allow you to add song clips from a large library of songs, which will make the video even better.
  • Along with this there is also going to be Speed controls option which will bring flexibility in videos and users will be more creative which will improve their performance.
  • There will also be an option of Timer and Countdown in YouTube Shorts, which will allow you to create hands-free videos.

Peculiarity of Shorts Platform

YouTube has told in its official blog post that users will be able to upload and create short videos of 15 seconds or less. Many tools will also be available to create and edit videos and most importantly, users will also be able to use copyrighted song clips during video editing. In this way creators will also be able to add licensed songs.

YouTube Shorts Launch in India

YouTube has written in its official blog post that Indian users will also be able to access YouTube Shorts soon, currently YouTube Shorts is in its beta phase and soon it is going to be available for world wide use. According to the latest update, YouTube Shorts has been launched in India. All YouTube users can use shorts from now on. YouTube has launched its new short video making platform – YouTube Shorts in India on 14th September 2020.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts or How to Use

If you do not know how to use YouTube Shorts, then let me tell you that it is very easy to use YouTube Shorts and it is user friendly like TikTok, open the application and make a video by turning on the camera, then edit it. You can and finally publish it. But still, if you have not understood this, then I will tell you in step by step details below.

  • First of all open YouTube application on your mobile and sign in.
  • After that click on the plus icon.
  • Tap on Create a Short. If you want to create video instantly, then click on Red Button.
  • After the video / short record is done, click on the same button again.
  • From here you can also add music to Short, for this click on music. Shorts duration timer can be set. Can increase Shorts Playing Speed.
  • You can delete the recorded video by clicking on Undo.
  • Now click on Next, here you can also preview the shorts.
  • Again Click on Next and here add the details about the shorts.
  • Now add Shorts Title (maximum 100 characters) only.
  • Now click on Select audience and choose whether this video is made for kids or for adults.
  • Finish by tapping on Upload.

YouTube Shorts Duration & Resolution

YouTube has explained the shorts length in its official blog which is as follows. “Shorts such short vertical videos (maximum 60 seconds in length)” but not less than 15 seconds. youtube shorts time limit should not be less than this because what is the content and how it is, the same will not be known and the user will not be able to engage.

Along with this it has also been mentioned that “YouTube Shorts are such vertical videos that are maximum 60 seconds long. Shorts appear on your channel. In addition, viewers can also see them in the Shorts shelf on the home page and By tapping on them, you can view short videos in the new vertical view. The vertical view feature is designed for shorter videos.”

YouTube Shorts Not Showing

Let me tell you that YouTube Shorts is under development and Beta Version is being run now but still if you are not getting Icon Show of Shorts in YouTube App then first check by following 2nd step in above mentioned steps. Even after this the same problem comes, then update YouTube application from Play Store (For Android Users) or iOS User from Apple Store.

Conclusion: In today’s article, we have shared information related to YouTube shorts App with you. Hope this information will be useful for you. If you liked this article, do share this article with your friends. If you have found this information about YouTube Shorts helpful, then definitely give your suggestions in the comments. Thanks..!!


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