Google Find My Device app || how to use the location? || What is Google Find My Device app and how can we track the location of the device with this app. What information do we get with the help of Find My Device app and we will review this app. What are the features of Find My Device app and what are the benefits we get from this app, we will all know in this post.

  • Do you want to keep your mobile data secure?
  • Want to access mobile data remotely?
  • Do you want to track your phone calls or SMS?
  • You want to track your phone location and other’s phone location?

Google Find My Device app

There is only one answer to all these questions and that is the Find My Device app, through which you can easily find answers to all these questions. So today we will know how this app can be used and what are the benefits we can get from using it.

Friends, nowadays there are many such apps through which you can protect your mobile data from being stolen and there are many such apps through which your data can be leaked.

Today we are going to talk about Find My Device app, with the help of this app you can store your personal data on Google. Then you will be able to access your data remotely from anywhere and for this you will need this app.

What is the Google Find My Device app?

Find My Device app is launched by google and this app is inbuilt in all android phone, with the help of this app you can easily find your phone, you can configure it in mobile’s setting to use this app Huh. There is an option to do so and in this you can add your email id and your mobile number.

You will find many free applications online to track mobile but you absolutely need to root or customize your mobile phone to use the Find My Device app we are talking about in this post. Won’t happen. You can use and configure all the features provided in this app using this app.

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Features of Google Find My Device App

  1. Data protection feature
  2. IMEI Tracking Feature
  3. SMS and MMS Tracking
  4. Call tracking feature
  5. GPS Location Tracker
  6. Instant message tracker
  7. Remote Controlling Feature
  8. Live location feature

1.Data Securing Feature

Find My Device App is an anti theft app i.e. an anti theft app. Which can secure your data under its solutions. And your data is protected from being stolen.

This Find My Device App has been created by Google, one of India’s best app development company, to reduce the increasing cyber crimes inside India. This app has been declared as the most advance data securing app by cyber security app of India. With which you can secure the data stored inside your phone.

2.IMEI Tracking Feature

All of you must have used it by using many mobile apps to track IMEI. But you might have been able to track the IMEI of the mobile with those apps. But you can track your mobile location using Find My Device App, rather with this you will be able to track your social media accounts and your messages.

3.SMS and MMS Tracking

You can also access messages sent from your mobile or received SMS and MMS through Find My Device App. Many times, by accidentally deleting important SMS and MMS or by searching the phone, you can easily track business notes through this app and access those sms and mms.

4.Call Tracking Feature

You can completely track all the calls in your phone using Find My Device App like

  • When did you get the call on your phone?
  • Who called?
  • Where did you come from and how long did you talk to?
  • From which phone number did the call come?
  • The phone number from which the call has come is registered in whose name?

You can get all such information through Find My Device App.

5.GPS Location Tracker

GPS means in your phone (Global Positioning System) or if there is a feature of GPS location tracker inside a phone then you can easily find your phone current location and track phone location. .

Along with doing real time tracking inside this GPS location tracker, you also get the option of location alert mode, through which you can also set the timing. With which you will get the update of your phone’s current location immediately inside your phone.

Your phone’s GPS location is temporarily stored in your Find My Device app account and you can find out by logging in.

6.Instant message tracker

We message from many types of apps like our WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and in these messages we also share our personal messages to someone many times, most of these messages are very important for us. Out of which you must have used many massages on the basis of legal evidence.

You can easily avoid all these things by using the Find My Device app. Through this Find My Device app you can easily backup all your popular messages like

  • Gmail messages back up
  • SMS or MMS back up
  • Your contacts Back up.
  • Back up the logins of your other apps.
  • Backup your WhatsApp messages .

You can do all these backups without your phone and you can also access your messages easily from here. These are all alternatives to the instant messaging tracker that you can find inside the Find My Device app.

7.Remote Controlling Feature

Find My Device app GC is also installed inside the phone. So you can access that phone from anywhere through remote control. Do you want to read about YONO SBI App Review? Similarly you can operate any device through remote control. With the remote control you can do many things like

  • Vibrate the mobile.
  • Increase or decrease the volume of the mobile ring.
  • Send message to anyone from mobile.
  • Initiate a popup by sending a message.
  • Send email to anyone via remote control without having to access your phone.
  • Take screenshot.
  • Recover data. Like SMS, Calls, Contacts, Emails, Files, Data etc.

you can control your phone through remote control.

8.Live location feature

If your phone is ever stolen or searched anywhere, you can find the exact live location of your phone by opening the Find My Device app on your phone. You can see where your phone is via your phone’s camera using the Live Location option of the Find My Device app.

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Is the Find My Device app secure?

I want to tell the reader of this post that whenever you install or activate the Find My Device app inside your phone and you create your account, the only data that is inside your phone is the Find My Device app. Happens in It gets stored in the server and through this app provides us all the information about our phone.

If the use of this application is essential to you and you are installing this app, then something to keep in mind. Because from this application all your personal data and all your messages will be shared with this app. Which might not be good for you.

To use all the features of this application, you must enable or allow all the permissions of the app while installing it.

When the Find My Device app is successfully installed on your phone, a new device menu will open in front of you, on which there will be an icon, after clicking on it you will get a code which you have to copy. And store it inside your mobile and later it will be stored inside the app. In this way your account will be opened and all your phone information will be saved in your account created inside this app.

Similarly, by opening the Find My Device app inside your phone, you can log in to your device to know about its current location and after installing this app, you can get all the information related to your phone.

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Conclusion : You must have got all the information about Google Find My Device App, What is Google Find My Device App and what happens with this app. In such a situation, I hope that if you have any problem or any kind of question regarding this app, then you can tell me by commenting.
Thank you for reading my post carefully and supporting me. Similarly, I will keep bringing you information about new apps, through which you can live your life better in this growing times and you can also walk in step with everyone in this time of technology. Thank you


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