What is PVC Aadhar card? How to make it || Do you also want to know how to make PVC Aadhaar Card? Or how to make Aadhar PVC card, then do not worry, today we are going to give you good and complete information about it, which will help you a lot.

As you must be aware that the dependency on Aadhar card has increased a lot. It has become mandatory to link Aadhar card with bank account, PAN card, mobile number etc. Along with this, it is also necessary to match the information given in Aadhaar with the information given in these documents. If your information does not match with the information in Aadhaar, then it is not possible to link it.

Without Aadhar card most of your work cannot be done. Everywhere Aadhar Card is demanded from you. In such a situation, if there is any damage to your Aadhar card or it is lost, then you may have to face many problems. At the same time, your Aadhaar will now appear in a new avatar. Yes.. Now it will be exactly like ATM card and you will not even need to laminate it separately.

What is PVC Aadhar Card?

What is PVC Aadhar card? 50 rupees fee will have to be paid to print Aadhaar on PVC card. Let us tell you that PVC card is a kind of plastic card. It is mostly used in ATM cards, debit cards and credit cards.

Earlier the Aadhaar card was of large size, which was difficult to keep together. UIDAI has reduced it to a convenient size due to this problem. Now you will be able to keep the Aadhaar PVC card in your wallet (purse) like an ATM card and it will not get spoiled for many years.

UIDAI gave this information through a tweet. Now you can apply for your Aadhar PVC Card. It is durable and attractive as well as equipped with state-of-the-art security features. It features holograms, guilloche patterns, ghost images and microtexts.

You will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 50 to UIDAI for this new PVC card. UIDAI has said that the quality of printing and lamination of new PVC cards is better. Also it will be more durable. The verification of the authenticity of the card will be done immediately through the QR code. UIDAI has said that there will be no fear of getting the new card damaged in the rain.

How to make PVC Aadhaar Card?

If you also want PVC Aadhaar Card, then follow all the steps mentioned below thoroughly, and know how you can order your new Aadhaar PVC Card online.

  • 1- First of all you have to go to the website of https://uidai.gov.in. Now click on the My Aadhaar option here.
  • 2- Now you have to click on the option of Order Aadhaar PVC Card.
  • 3- Now enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number where you are being asked to enter the Aadhaar number.
  • 4- Now enter the security code ie captcha given in the Enter Security Code.
  • 5- After entering your Aadhaar number and security code, click on the button with Send OTP.
  • 6- Now an OTP will come in your mobile number, OTP will come in your same number which will be linked with your Aadhar card. Now enter the OTP and then select the option with Terms & Conditions, and then click on the Submit button.
  • 7- Now you will see your Aadhar card, which you can order, now you will have to make an online payment of Rs 50, to make payment, click on the option of Make Payment.
  • 8- Now you have to make online payment, you can use Debit / Credit Card, UPI, or Net Banking to make online payment. Pay online now.
  • 9- When your online payment will be successful, a page will open in front of you. Now you have to click on Download acknowledgment slip button.

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Now your Aadhar card acknowledgment slip and payment slip will be downloaded as shown in the screenshot below. Save this with you, so that you can see the status of your Aadhaar PVC Card later.

So in this way you can order your Aadhar PVC Card online. You will get the card from speed post to your address in 1 week. Your Aadhar card will come at the same address as mentioned in your Aadhar card. After this, the postal department will deliver it to your home through speed post.

Conclusion: So today you learned What is PVC Aadhar cards? How to make PVC Aadhaar Card, we have given you all the information about Aadhar PVC card very well. If still, if we have missed something, or you want to ask us something, if you do not understand anything, then you can ask us in the comment box given below. We will do our best to help you. If you liked this article, and you got to learn something good from this article today. So share this article on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp with your friends and family, and inform them about it too.

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