Downloading ringtones on mobile phones is not easy, as those who have tried it would know. Due to copyright issues, there are limited channels to download ringtones, and even the ones that are available are either not secure or are full of ads. We are here to show you how to download ringtones online for free on Android mobile phone with as few clicks as possible. It is worth mentioning that YouTube videos, like any other download tool for Instagram and Facebook, is also not official. If you are caught using the downloaded ringtones for commercial purposes, without any credit, you could also be in trouble. Now that we have clarified this important point, let us see what is a mobile ringtone and how you can download the best ringtones online.

How to Download Ringtones on Android Mobile Phone for free

In order to set your favorite ringtone on Android mobile phone for free, you have to download it. There are tons of options out there, but the ones we’re recommending here include YouTube to MP3 Converter and MP3 Ringtone Download Portal.

1. Mp3 ringtone download

You can also download ringtones through mp3 ringtone download portal. Unlike YouTube to MP3 converters, you don’t need to convert any videos. Just search the video and click on download option to save it as ringtone on your mobile phone.

  • Visit the mp3 ringtone download website from any browser that supports downloading
  • Search the song you want to set as ringtone
  • Open the file from search result and click on download portal
  • You can also listen to ringtones before downloading them using the web page’s built-in mp3 player. To do this, click on the play button
  • The downloaded ringtone will appear under the ‘Downloads’ folder on the phone’s file manager app

2. Zedge

This is the most popular ringtone download app for android mobile phones. You can continue to use the Zedge app for free or get the paid version, which does not offer ads. To set ringtone on Android mobile phone using Zedge app:

  • Download and Install Zedge from Google Play Store
  • Quickly setup the app by giving the required permissions
  • Click on the hamburger sign and select ‘Ringtones’ option
  • Find your favorite ringtone
  • Select ringtone from search result
  • Open the file and click on download button
  • From the pop-up menu, select ‘Set ringtone’ option
    and that is all! Your phone ring tone will change to your favorite song/music

Ringtone downloading tools are completely free to use; However, you will have to bear the advertisements. Additionally, the library of mp3 ringtone download songs may not be as huge as that of YouTube.

How to Download Ringtones on iphone

  • iPhones don’t allow you to set ringtones downloaded from third-party apps. Users will
  • have to buy the tunes from Tone Store.
  • To Download iPhone Ringtones, Fire Up the iTunes Store
  • From the lower menu, select ‘Tone’. It’ll be next to Search More Options
  • Find the song/music you want to download and set as iPhone ringtone
  • You can listen to a 29 second preview of the ringtone before downloading it
  • If you like it, pay and you are ready to go

How to Convert Ringtones to Downloaded Mp3 Files

The steps to set a ringtone on an Android mobile phone vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, we’ll walk you through the general method that should work on most phones running the latest Android OS:

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on the search icon and type ‘ringtone’
  • Select ‘Ringtone’ from the result
  • Pre-loaded ringtones will appear on your screen
  • You select one of them or look for the ‘plus’ icon to set the downloaded ringtone on your device
  • That’s it, the ringtone will change to your favorite song/music, which you will hear every time someone calls.


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